Whether taking audiences on a educating and entertaining journey back to when film first began such as in Cutting The Ribbon or letting the reader follow the intriguing lives of a group of mixed-generation of mothers and daughters with their tales in Threads of Life, Patricia Jones’ writings enthral audiences and readers of any age.


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  • Threads of Life is a beautifully written, keenly observed story about the relationships between the women in a town called Wainbridge. Reading Patricia Jones’ writing is like savouring a well-made dish, rich and flavoursome. 

    Shalbey Bellaman Children’s Author
  • Patricia Jones is a writer of originality, imagination and wit. Ms Jones will always find a way to tweak one's composure in surprising ways.

    Celia Andrews Founder of the Fast & Loose Theatre Company
  • Brilliant! A must read for all mothers and daughters.

    K C Charmer Avid reader
  • Just finished “Threads of Life’ and really loved it. I got so involved in the lives of the different families that I couldn’t put the book down! Very well done indeed. I was impressed at how competently you handled so many storylines and characters. Definitely in the tradition of Jane Austen’s social observation, and the modern ‘family sagas’. Did you say there would be a sequel? I can’t bear to think of Sylvia having lost her beautiful house permanently, or Miriam not knowing where her daughter is etc etc Congratulations on such a great achievement. Love Loretta x

  • A modern day Cranford.

    Anne Littleton